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We want to make natural, unprocessed honey easily accessible to individuals and families.

Our Story

Lohee’s Natural Honey was born out of the desire to reduce the use of table sugar in our home and introduce our little ones to a healthy substitute.

We found this unpasteurized honey from a family-owned honey bee farm in Alberta, the perfect healthy alternative to table sugar.


Meet Aima

Founder of Lohee's Natural Honey

Hello adventurous natural honey lover! So glad to have you here. My name is Aima, and I am the founder of Lohee’s Natural Honey.
As a child, our food was mostly fresh and close to the source hence my preference for unprocessed food.

I enjoy spending time with my family and learning new recipes.
Have a recipe to share? Or wanna say hi, reach me at aima@loheesnaturalhoney.com and let’s chat. See you around



To encourage conscious, healthy and natural eating among our customers as they become exposed to the benefits of unprocessed honey.


We are in business to make unprocessed honey easily accessible to everyone.

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