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Our Raw Honey

Our raw honey has no added colours or flavours and is full of the natural goodness of real honey. it comes from a farm in central Alberta, Canada..

3 jars of 190 ml and 3 jars 375 ml honey
Experience nature's sweetness with our line of raw Canadian honey
190 ml of lohees natural honey on a kitchen counter with a honey dipper dripping honey
Enjoy pure Alberta honey with no added colour or flavour
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About Us

Welcome to Lohee’s Natural Honey, a family-owned raw honey brand based in Calgary. Our honey comes from a honey bee farm in Alberta that has been into beekeeping for over forty years specializing in producing the finest quality raw honey and using sustainable beekeeping methods.
It is pure and unfiltered, ensuring you get all raw honey’s natural goodness and health benefits.

Thank you for choosing Lohee’s Natural Honey as your go-to source for the finest quality honey. We know you will enjoy our honey as much our family does.!

creamed honey in a 190 ml jar overflowing with pure honey and a honey dipper sticking out
Bursting with natural goodness -Lohee's Natural Honey is the perfect sweetner for your food

Best served with the joy of family.

Enjoy the Healthy Benefits

Word on the streets...

Here is what our clients have to say…

My mom got me a 190ml jar for Christmas, and I finished it that week! The best honey I've ever had!!!!
-Brenna-Lee Taylor
Honey is my primary sweetener for my food so I use it a lot. Lohee's honey was different than the others I've been using. It smells great and tastes different. This is for sure pure honey.
- Lucia I
Lohee’s natural honey is indeed natural and taste so good. The texture is a paste-like consistency which is very different from what you get in the stores. I use it in my tea and pastry. I would definitely purchase it again.
- Eufuo
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