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From the hives to the jars and you, just like our family, enjoys it.

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Our Raw Honey

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Lohee’s Natural honey is responsibly sourced from a honeybee farm in central Alberta. It is raw and unprocessed and contains bee pollen and propolis (found in unprocessed honey), enhancing health benefits.
Lohee’s natural honey is unpasteurized and contains no additives. We serve it just as the bees made it.

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Health Benefits

Aside from the apparent use of raw honey as a natural food and beverage sweetener, there are other benefits of raw honey.


Natural Antibacterial

Raw honey can be used to treat burns, wounds and coughs as a natural antibacterial.


Hair and Skin Care

Use Lohee’s Natural Honey as an ingredient for a hair mask, face mask, eczema relief, moisturizer and shampoo.


Energy Boost

Need to boost your energy before an exercise or sport? Raw honey can deliciously give you that boost in a healthy manner.



Raw honey contains antioxidants that may prevent or delay some types of cell damage.

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About Us

Lohee’s Natural Honey was born out of the desire to reduce the use of table sugar in our home and introduce our little ones to a healthy substitute.

We found this unpasteurized honey from a family-owned honey bee farm in Alberta, the perfect healthy alternative to table sugar.

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Best served with the joy of family.

Enjoy the Health Benefits

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They All Love Our Honey

Here is what our clients have to say…

Never knew what unadulterated honey looked like nor tasted like until you introduced me to Lohee’s natural honey. Best decision ever! Thank you for giving us the best…
– Adaeze Imj
Honey is my primary sweetener for my food so I use it a lot. Lohee’s honey was different than the others I’ve been using. It smells great and tastes different. This is, for sure pure honey.
– Lucia I
Lohee’s natural honey is indeed natural and tastes so good. The texture is a paste-like consistency which is very different from what you get in the stores. I use it in my tea and pastry. I would definitely purchase it again.
– Eufuo

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